1. Jessica

    Entered! Obviously subscribed to your blog & follow you on instagram, also sharing on facebook!

    Such a cute outfit & I love your bold lip!

  2. Lynda

    I want a trench… also those booties are too cute! I like the gold buckle detail on them. Looks good with the dress, I especially like the leather on it. Of course the purse is FAB! You did look like a scene from Mary Poppins, like you were going to take off flying.

  3. Wish I could enter the getaway! Sounds fun!

    And I loved the filmstrip pictures. WOW! It does seem crazy windy. And the husband wins an award for that – that’s so sweet that he’s so patient and supportive. My bf is the same and I am so grateful for his patience and encouragement with my blog!


  4. Mili

    Lol it’s funny to hear the lengths fellow bloggers go to get the perfect pic and I’ve definitely been there before too! Looks like the trench passed the test because it looks super chic!


  5. Maria De Ramos


    Love following your Instagram and blog for your impeccable fashion taste! Would love to win tickets to the Physiqhe Expo in Austin on November 22nd!!!


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