1. I love that you and Blake share snowboarding from day 1! How sweet!! I hope you have an amazing trip! Enjoy every moment :)

    And I really need to step up my coat game. I’ve been realizing lately that I REALLY need to diversify my jackets because that’s what we wear more than half the year here!!!!


    • Tristan

      Thanks girl! We will have an awesome time, no doubt :)
      And I guess it’s a bit different in south Texas…we can get away without coats for 10 months out of the year! So I never put much stock into investing in them (they can be so expensive!). But I realize now how much of an impact it makes on the entire outfit, so I feel ya on the needing to diversify lol.

  2. Lynda Gergen

    It’s good to know all the shopping tricks! I love that coat!!! I like how you wore the dark shoes to pull in to that fabulous purse.

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