• Tristan

      Thanks Dora! It definitely saves you money, although it’s a little sad to buy something and not get to wear it for a while!

  1. Those neons floating devices look SO cool!!!

    I love your outfit transitioned from more ‘chic’ with the heels to more easy-going with the slip-ons. Perfect!!! (I can’t get enough of my slip-ons)

    I think that shopping sales is such a great way to get more bang for your buck like you said. That’s probably why I rarely buy something full price because I know I can either get something similar at a better price, OR that it’ll go on sale eventually. Some pieces I’ll invest in, like a bag or accessories, but shopping sales is the BEST (I think we’ve established that we’re both avid sale shoppers) and it’s almost like a thrill to find the best deal!!!

    I’m headed to NYC next weekend so I’m crossing my fingers for some deals :)


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