1. Awww, we get to see a picture of the Hubs! Cute!!

    I love pink jeans! I use to have a pair but they were too big on me so I got rid of them and haven’t found a nice pair to replace it with. Your heels are gorgeous!!

    And the sunset looks beautiful! Looks like the fall time in Austin is a lot less grey than here (although we saw the sun today luckily)


    • Tristan

      Thanks girl! And yea Fall in Austin is probably way different than what you see in Canada. We still have plenty of sun but also plenty of humid days that don’t feel like fall at all so much as a sticky battle between the two seasons lol. Y’all have true fall with the changing of the leaves and weather but then again I’m not ready for the cold and gray that comes with it! Give and take eh lol? I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

      • You can’t have it all! hahahaha It’s interesting to realize that at a certain point, you just have to accept the weather for what it is. I notice that we become so obsessed about the weather that we talk about it so much (with good reason, since it affects us so much) but I have to catch myself to stop complaining because…well….it is what it is!

  2. Incredible photographs, what a beautiful sight, sounds like a lovely way to spend an evening after all your hard work
    Love your outfit, those pink jeans are adorable!

    What Raj Wants

  3. Those shoes look cute with that top, which I like and couldn’t tell was a sweatshirt… nice. I do like the pop of pink with it and I really like that crossbody purse. Oh and of course, spectacular backdrop photo!

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