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  1. Cute top, I really like the way the lace stands up on the neck. Lace is a good “dress-up” or “dress-down” fabric. Nice lip color! Very bold… looks great popping off that white.

  2. tristan–again, you know how much i love that top. i am a sucker for all things high neck, call me old fashioned! lol, but sadly, by the time i met you and asked you this was already sold out in my size (aka: wasn’t meant to be). i think it would also look good with a pencil skirt! perfect pairing with that trench xoxo,

    janna | http://www.jannadoan.com

    • Tristan

      You are so right, a high neck (especially with lace) is ultimately classic and feminine — you can’t go wrong! It’s too bad that it was already sold out but I’m exactly like you, I tell myself it wasn’t meant to be or I wasn’t supposed to buy that when something doesn’t work out for me; so here’s to staying positive haha! Hope you’re having a lovely week lady!

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