1. Dominique

    I LOVE that shirt. This outfit really stands out to me as being just great on you.

  2. Debbie

    I just love your outfit. Perfect for traveling around the hill country. I love your precious straw hat!

    The photos of the horses and sunflowers just brought a smile to my face. Beautiful!!!


    • Tristan

      I’m so glad you loved the photos! We really enjoyed trying to capture all the beauty of the drive out to the lake!

    • Tristan

      Kia you’re too sweet, and I’m so glad you loved the post! I had so much fun trying to document the beauty of our countryside!

  3. You are actually the cutest ever. I want that top! And your hubs is killing it with the photography! You’re such a knock out! :) xx0

    • Tristan

      HA! You are actually the sweetest ever! Just learning as we go but I agree, Blake’s stepping up his game with the professional looking pics :)

    • Tristan

      You know he was the happiest camper ever once we got to the lake and he jumped in the water haha!

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