1. Lynda Gergen

    WOW… that is some really clear water… very nice! Cute jacket, I like seersucker fabric. Love that watch.

    • Tristan

      The water was amazing and sooo refreshing! Seersucker was perfect for the scenery and the weather.

    • Tristan

      I also have this cami in black and they are so versatile, definitely one of those great purchases that I wear constantly.

  2. Hi Tristan,

    I had a friend who interned at the Nordstrom HQ in Seattle, but she described it as cloudy/rainy most of the time. Looking at these photos, you really did luck out with the weather. It looks absolutely beautiful there, and I’m very inspired to visit one day. Glad you enjoyed your trip!


    • Tristan

      That seems to be the consensus with Seattle weather so I think we did get lucky! I hope you do get to visit one day, we loved it! BTW, that sounds like a dream internship your friend had!

    • Tristan

      Thanks Cortney, that means a lot coming from a Seattle-ite! I loved your city and hope to go back one day!

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