1. To wander off exploring with no specific plans – my kind of travel! Seriously makes for great travel tales later.
    You just reminded me of how much I need me some white jeans. Haha. You look gorgeous in your effortlessly chic getup.
    PS. Blake is dashing in that beard for real! :) And you make USA look good. Makes me want to visit.

    • Tristan

      I learned my lesson the hard way and will be doing the same from now on too! Hope you’re having a wonderful week Vanessa!

    • Tristan

      Thanks Rach! It was nice that everything was so close together and allowed us to see a lot of the sights!

  2. I like that crossbody with that cute sweater. Nice pics… I especially like the picture of the building with the, what looks like a giant yellow number 2 pencil standing up the side of it.

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