1. Very pretty… that shade of lipstick looks really good on you. I Love this look… that top is a perfect go to piece, and I want those shoes! and that MK bag!

    • Tristan

      Thank you for the sweet words Carmen! Marshall’s is quickly becoming one of my favorite stores, I keep finding amazing deals :)

  2. Haha you definitely look like a girl who has her “stuff” together :P. Honestly I have so many different styles and I really think a girl should be able to not fall into any particular category. There’s my working outfits but on the weekends (sometimes even after work weekdays) I’ll change into something completely different. Your outfit looks amazing though and awesome you got your first blow out for hair!

    Stephanie @ Sartorial Diner

    • Tristan

      I think everyone has their own approach to style. I personally am excited that I will have more direction when I’m shopping! I struggle with indecision when it comes to spending money so for me, I’m glad this approach will give me more discretion when choosing the pieces I buy. I also know that it will give me more versatility by having things that all mix well with one another. Instead of changing from a work outfit to a completely different outfit for the evening, I will be able to add or change one or two things and still look appropriate for the occasion (for instance in the outfit above, I had worn a pair of leopard print jogger-style pants with the same blouse and shoes to work that day, and changed into the shorts for the evening).

      Overall I’m excited that by ‘defining my style’ I can be more purposeful with the clothes I buy and curate a wardrobe that I still love in 15 years :)

    • Tristan

      Before having this little epiphany I always wanted to buy everything that looked cute, and then always had a closet full of different styles that don’t mix and match well together. I’m so excited that having this direction in mind will give me more purpose with what I buy and not leave me with clothes that I only end up wearing a couple seasons before being “over it” lol…trying to avoid anything trendy or in-the-moment!

  3. Lmao “got your sh*t together” Love it!

    Interesting perspective! It’s great to evolve your style especially as we get older, and it becomes fun to explore and continuously re-define it. I find that I don’t necessarily have one clear style, but rather 2-3 styles, depending on the circumstances – work, socializing, or being lazy haha But I like the idea of defining it more specifically and just getting rid of the excess. After moving, it’s been so nice to get rid of things that I’ve been keeping for ages that don’t necessarily feel like ‘me’.

    I love this top. I have a sweater dress from J-Crew that looks exactly the same, except for the panels on the shoulders! Can’t wait to bust it out when it gets even colder!!


    • Tristan

      I am totally with you on getting rid of the excess and things that I’ve had for ages. On this last closet clean-out I finnnalllly got rid of things that I’ve had for years but never wear, but couldn’t let go of because I would always think “it’s still cute, I might wear it one day” and then hang it back up. It feels so freeing to be able to say “yes it’s still cute, but I’m not going to wear it because it’s not my ideal style anymore”.

      It’s almost like my own version of a capsule wardrobe :) Not limiting myself to anything crazy like ’37 pieces of clothing’ lol but I am making an effort to be more focused and purposeful with my clothes and outfits.

  4. I love how your dress has a classy silhouette but also an edgy look with the leather! The snakeskin on the bottom third of your bag looks perfect. I think it has a modern look because it’s not covering the whole bag ;)

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