• Tristan

      Haha I actually had a nice outfit to change into for the evening but we had such a long day in the sun I decided to take the easy route :)

  1. Mili

    I’ve always been fascinated by witches so I will definitely have to visit Salem at some point! The plaid shirt was such a good find! It looks really cute with your boyfriend jeans and black heels :)


    • Tristan

      Thanks sweet girl! Salem was so much fun! I wish we had a little more time to go into all the museums and shops they had but we loved it so much we definitely want to go back some day!

    • Tristan

      I for the longest time never shopped at Marshall’s, TJMaxx, etc simply because I thought the stores were always too disorganized and didn’t want to spend the time sifting through all the racks. I’m so glad I decided to give these stores a chance lately because I keep finding some awesome steals! And thank you for your kind words, glad you enjoyed the post!

  2. I went to Boston for the first time this summer and didn’t have enough time to explore.

    I *WISH* I had known about Salem!!! I’m just like you – I love Halloween, and am fascinated by the historical aspect of witchcraftry! And Hocus Pocus… I’m already planning on watching it in October ! haha

    Love the outfit – I got two pairs of sneakers like that and I love them!

    • Tristan

      We fell in love with Boston (seriously we were both like ‘let’s live here’ lol). Salem was the cherry on top! I really want to go back one year in October, they have a TON of Halloween events going on and I know I would be just like a little kid! I hope you get to visit one day, it is really neat for Halloween lovers like us!

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