1. I’m obsessed with this outfit. Every single thing of it! The distressed jeans, the sweater…the blush..and that clutch!!! AMAZING! I would totally want a piece like that for my collection!

    You keep on showing such nice pieces from F21 but I NEVER check there because I’ve been so disappointed so many times!

    Blush is such a beautiful color on you as well! I should keep an eye out because it seems like a nice alternative for the fall time. I would pair it with a burgundy actually!


    • Tristan

      I LOVE your idea to pair it with burgundy, I think that would be fabulous and really freshen up the dark hue!

      I went on a little bit of a break from shopping from F21 but since I’ve been back the past few times I’ve really had to restrain myself from buying it all up!

  2. I always stop by F21 whenever I’m at the mall, though I’ve found I purchase things there less frequently than I used to. That scarf is so cute, and it looks very similar to a more expensive one I saw online!

    Rose gold had a huge moment this summer, and I’m a bit late to the party, but I love it as well! Especially those rose gold iPhones.

    Angelina Is | Bloglovin’

    • Tristan

      I feel like F21 is a win no matter what, even if you buy something and wear it once or twice, chances are the price was cheap enough that you don’t have to feel that bad about it!

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