1. The pavement OUTSIDE is actually heated? That’s interesting. And is that a statue of an African woman??? Haha. Cool though.
    This is a really warm post (no pun intended, lol hehe). I wish I had seen all these posts of yours before our winter trip though, inspo for dayyyys. I love your coat, pants and sweater, and you look simultaneously cute and elegant. You should check out my winter posts, I looked like a walking disaster!!!
    Tristan, it’s nice to be in a “tribe” with you. I’m learning loads. Mmmm ;)

    • Tristan

      We’ve had so many winter trips that I’ve had a long while to figure it out! I seriously doubt you looked like a walking disaster!
      You’re too sweet Cara and your comments always bring a smile to my face! :)

  2. Lynda Gergen

    Nice looking place… I don’t know why people are looking at you weird for wearing heels, as long as the ground is dry, that outfit looks great!

    • Tristan

      Right?! Maybe they wish they had thought to wear heels instead of looking frumpy lol.

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