1. Oh Goodness, what are you doing to me.

    I LOVE a leopard pump! (did you end up getting them??)

    What really stood out for me is the cuff bracelet (#3) and dress pants (#12)!! But I already spent my shopping budget for the month so I’ll have to wait for November to do some more shopping! Especially for work clothes!


    • Tristan

      Ugh I’ve already bought two pairs of shoes this month…along with plenty of other shopping lol, so it pains me to say I had to resist buying more! I was hoping one of my readers would and I could live vicariously through their pics hehe. I know what you mean though about reaching that monthly budget!

    • Tristan

      I couldn’t resist the sleeveless blazer either lol I had to get one! Glad you liked the board!

  2. that cocoon dress would look so cute on you with those fabulous leopard shoes… and some gold jewelry, #2 is especially nice… I love those shoes!

    • Tristan

      No lie that dress and the shoes are probably my two favorite pieces on the board! It would be a great outfit together!

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