1. Lovely nursery! The dresser is so unique and a perfect statement piece. We have a lot of the same things…. I used blush pink, white and ivory in my baby girl’s room. And the convertible cribs are amazing! I don’t know why anyone would do anything else! My son is almost 4 and loves his full size bed (used to be his crib).

    • Tristan

      Yes it sounds like we have very similar nurseries! I’m so glad this crib converts because I wouldn’t have bought it otherwise and I would’ve hated to pass on it since it’s such a beautiful style.

    • Tristan

      Thank you Maliha! I love the little rocker too, I can’t wait til she’s old enough to sit on it :)

    • Tristan

      Thank you Ellone! I’m so happy with the design and hope my little tot loves it too when she’s older :)

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