1. Gorgeous pictures!!

    And I’m the type of person that rarely if ever buys anything full price too! I’ve found such amazing deals and it feels so good haha Makes it easier that I don’t necessarily want the latest trend.

    The outfit looks amazing on you. Love the details on the top. And obsessed over white nails. Even though summer is technically over, I think I’m going to do that for my nail polish (even though I did it for a month in a row in July…!)

    So happy that you found my blog and now I found yours! :)


    • Tristan

      I’m so with you about buying things full price! I feel like such a champion when I get something awesome for a great deal hehe.

      And don’t worry I’m still rocking the white nailpolish too and probably will all through the fall. It always looks so clean and goes with everything…nothing wrong with wearing it year-round in my book!

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