1. Lynda Gergen

    WOW… that is so cool about his grandfather! What a great view that would be to have all day @ work. Man, the inside of that building with all the copper looks fantastic, I’ll bet it’s beautiful inside. I like that leather skirt… looks nice and professional. Love those pink booties.

    • Tristan

      Right?! I’ve often thought it would be so neat to work downtown…then I think about the commute and nah haha!

    • Tristan

      Thanks Kristina! I’m loving it but I fear we’re gonna be in ‘summer’ too soon!

  2. It looks like you really have the best of both worlds, city life, with all the beautiful “countryside-like” parks around. So charming!
    That’s what I love about my partner’s country(Slovakia) too. It’s like a beautiful garden city. So picturesque. Aww this post made me miss it.
    Needless to say, I loved this post. Both the fashion and the scenery. Beautiful!
    About improving the site, I think your latest addition is really cool, to see all the outfit inspo at a glance.
    Kisses Tristan, enjoy the rest of your week!

    • Tristan

      We truly do live in the best city nestled right in the Texas hill country! (biased opinion haha). I hope you get to visit Slovakia again soon, it sounds beautiful!

      And thank you so kindly for checking out my archives page and offering your thoughts, that means a lot! :)

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