• Tristan

      Yes that is on the top of my list for sure! I’m gonna have to narrow down my choices because my budget won’t let me get everything I want!

  1. Ooh, I didn’t realize this line was all the buffalo plaid, until I saw it on your blog. I had heard of the collab happening but I had no idea what the line was. I’m so excited about this line… I’m loving the buffalo plaid, have for years, but it’s always been so expensive. Maybe with this collaboration with Target, getting this trendy print will be more affordable. I can’t wait, I’ve already picked several things that I want. Thanks for posting it!

    • Tristan

      I’m glad it was helpful! :) I’m planning to get a couple pieces online before it’s sold out, I just can’t decide which ones! Too bad my budget won’t let me get all of them lol

    • Tristan

      Hope you can snag some pieces before they’re all sold out! I’m planning to online shop instead of fighting the store madness lol

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