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Adventure travel blog Gold Lion Style: having fun around small Texas towns wearing a casual summer outfit: star embroidered button down shirt with Levis rolled cuff shorts and lavender Vans Old Skool sneakers in Bertram, TX



I’m a born and raised Texas gal living in Austin. I’m married to the love of my life and we have a baby girl and an old-man dog. I love simple joys like morning coffee before the sun comes up, kind souls, and laughter and positivity. I’ve been devoted to natural and healthful living since 2011. My favorite activity is snowboarding but I also love boating, longboarding, wakeboarding, kayaking, paddle boarding, and sailing.



What is Gold Lion Style about?

I started blogging as a creative outlet outside of my corporate life. I wanted to challenge myself, learn new skills, and grow as a person. Since starting Gold Lion Style, I’ve developed a passion for seeking out adventure and inspiration in every corner of my life. By sharing the things I love, I hope to inspire you to explore your passions and pursue your own journey of living a fulfilled, inspired, and happy life!


Who is your photographer?

My husband Blake takes all the photos of me. Those without me are taken by both of us, and I post-process the pictures. We’ve loved growing our skills and learning the creative process of photography as a team!


What do you do for a living?

I work for an engineering firm helping to manage roadway and infrastructure projects throughout Austin.


What do you do in your spare time?

Blake and I love to explore and adventure in the city and the surrounding hill country, whether it’s enjoying the many lakes nearby, longboarding around the neighborhood, cruising out into the country for scenic places to photograph, or finding new spots to ride our mini bikes. In winter, we love to travel to our favorite destinations to snowboard, and throughout the rest of the year we travel around the US seeing as many cities as we can.








  1. Victoria

    You’re so inspiring and cool! I was literally went to your insta page last night and wished you posted more! I’m so excited you have a blog!!

    • Tristan

      Thank you sweet friend! That means so much! I hope things have been great for you! :)

  2. Rachel

    Glad you got it up and running, I know how much you wanted this! Looks great, Tristan, I can’t wait to see what else you have in store for us!

    • Tristan

      I’m so glad to hear that!! It’s always nice to find someone you can relate to in the big world of the internet! :)

  3. Wow! Just found your blog- I loved your style right away, and then Austin and New Mexico that caught my eye; I’m living in NM now, planning a move to Austin next year, and started my own blog just a few months ago! Anyways, loving it so far, excited to see more.


    • Tristan

      Thank you for the kind words! So glad you happened upon my blog and congrats on launching yours recently too!

  4. Hook ’em! And props to your husband! Hoping to see lots more blog posts, Tristan! XO, Sarah + fellow Longhorn

  5. I love how adventurous you are! How was it like to skydive? That’s still something on my life list I’m yet to do. :)
    I love your lifestyle. We seem to share many similar philosophies!

    • Tristan

      Thank you Cara for always leaving such sweet words on my blog! Skydiving was an incredible experience! I did a tandem skydive and the instructor did lots of twists/turns and swinging in the air so I was actually quite nauseated when we landed…ha, but loved the experience nonetheless and would probably do it again without the extra roller coaster antics. It’s definitely something to try at least once, I have no doubt that you’ll mark it off your list eventually!

  6. Sandra @ Horseshoe Farm

    we have a chef friend – Sonya Cote from Eden East – Austin and Sinclairs in Wacko I think.. she comes to the farm and throws down a barn dinner to die for! Somehow I found your blog and page and figured I would say hello…. visit her at her place and tell her Sandra from Horseshoe Farm sent you her way… she is amazing! A Rhode Island girl.. that ‘s where we are!

    • Tristan

      Thanks for saying hi Sandra! I most will definitely go to Eden East Austin and tell her you sent us. Just checked their website and it looks like an incredible place, I have no doubt it will be some amazing food! Thank you for the recommendation!

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