1. I love this, Tristan! I’m guilty of spending way too much time with my iPhone — and usually scroll through Instagram when I hop into bed and first thing when I wake up. One goal I set for myself this year is to remove my phone from the bedroom — and limit my technology usage in the evenings. So far, it’s been a work in progress. I use Duolingo as well, and it is a great app. Good luck with all of your goals this year!


    • Tristan

      Thanks for sharing Vanessa! I think we could all stand to have a little less technology in our lives lol…great goal!

  2. Mili

    I love the idea of me time in the morning! I’m totally guilty of grabbing my phone first thing in the morning. I’m also guilty of not flossing as often as I should XD Hope you accomplish all your resolutions for 2016 :) Also I just love the jacket you’re wearing in this look :)


    • Tristan

      Thanks girl! I think we can all probably relate to the flossing one more than we’d like to admit haha

  3. Love your goals!! Speaking Italian fluently – GREAT one!!! (maybe I should re-study Spanish and become fluent too!)

    The one about your morning routine is great because it sounds as though it sets your day on the right tone. For me, it’s my evening routine that I’m working on – taking time to myself to relax, read, and meditating is the biggest one that I want to work! (which is what I’ll be doing in about 20 minutes!)

    Good luck on your goals!!!! You can do it!!


    • Tristan

      I think the evening routine is just as important! Getting good sleep is vital to your health and meditating and/or reading right before sounds perfect!

    • Tristan

      Thanks Aurelie! Without a doubt worth it, doing it so far this month has really made my mornings more enjoyable!

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